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How to Find the Best Music DJ Services In Toronto

How to Find the Best Music DJ Services In Toronto


So, you are planning an event. Perhaps it’s a significant birthday, a charity fundraiser, a high school dance, a corporate Christmas party or the biggest event of all, your wedding. These are all special occasions that should be enjoyed and celebrated. Planning will involve pulling together many elements to create an event that is enjoyable for everyone who attends. Music, the sound track of our lives, plays a big part in memorable celebrations. Music choices can both make or break an important occasion. Hiring the right disk jockey can make a good party great. But how do you find the best music DJ services in Toronto?


Experience Counts


Perhaps Aunt Ada wants you to use her nephew’s friend, Jed, who is a "fantastic DJ!” Upon further inquiry, it turns out Jed has done some ad-hoc DJ stints at university frat houses, pumping out music so loudly it could make your ear drums burst. When you are looking to hire for a special occasion, remember: experience counts. The right DJ should have experienced a wide variety of events and be attuned to what ever mood you are trying to create. Whether it’s soft and romantic or funky and up-beat, the right DJ knows how to play the crowd; smoothly transitioning to where ever the party wants to go.


What to Consider


The right DJs will have a huge variety of music and genres accessible at their fingertips and know their music lists well.  They don’t just plug in a pre-set playlist but can respond to the audience’s mood. A good DJ will make sure everyone is having a good time, adjusting for various ages and cultural back grounds. To avoid copyright infringement, the company you are hiring from should be licensed by the Canadian Independent Music Association (formerly AVLA). Many venues now check for certification. You also want the right voice to host your event: if your DJ is going to be talking through the event, a smooth-talking DJ is a plus. 


Ask Questions!


Before signing on the dotted line, ask your DJ the following questions:

  • Can you check out your DJ at a live event before booking? 
  • Are they a member of the Canadian Disc Jockey Association?
  • If you have a music plan for the event, can you sit down with your DJ for a consultation?
  • What is their back-up plan if the sound system fails?
  • Do they supply all their own equipment?
  • Have they played the venue before?


Looking for a DJ in Toronto


If you are searching for the best DJ services in Toronto, there are several excellent DJ companies. One that consistently rises to the top of the list is Digital X Entertainment.  Digital X Entertainment offers a wide range of DJs, each with a minimum of 10 years’ experience. They boast state-of-the-art equipment and can create a total sound and light experience to fit what ever your requirements are. They can even supply a photo booth for take-home keepsakes of that perfect party. Whether you are planning an event that helps people make new connections or has partiers dancing till they drop, look for a DJ that listens to you, so you can look forward to listening to them.
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